Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Hodgepodge 108

Well Christmas is over and we are back to our everyday routines. I am happy that Hodgepodge is a part of that routine.
Thanks, Joyce, for doing such a wonderful job each week with the questions!!
Here are my answers to Hodgepodge #108:

1. What is ONE thing or area in your home or life you hope to report is completely organized when 2013 draws to a close? Do you have a plan to make it happen? 

The unfinished Office/Junk Room. This room is a catch all for things. The majority of the items are my husband's "project" tools and half completed items. 
I began trying to organize this room before Christmas. I actually threw away two trash bags full of things from this room. (empty paint cans, scrap pieces of wood etc.)

2. What's the worst uniform you've ever had to wear for a job?

At Target we had to wear red and khaki, that is as close to a uniform I have ever had to wear.

3. What was your last kitchen 'mishap'? This question comes to you courtesy of Betty who blogs over at A Glimpse Into Midlife...everyone go say hi to Betty!

At one of our Christmas gatherings I totally burnt the marshmallows on the sweet potatoes. I was attempting to simply brown them a bit. I put them in the oven with the beef tenderloin that was cooking at the time. But, the oven was set way to high for the marshmallows. I was able to spoon off the burnt ones and add fresh ones. Funny thing is that my guest liked the burnt ones. They actually ate some of what I spooned off. They said it was like campfire roasted marshmallows.

4. How do you protect yourself from other people's negativity?

Simply try to distance myself from anyone who is constantly negative.

5. Who in your family do you most resemble (physically)? If you have children, who do people say they favor? Do you agree?

When I was younger, my Mother's family always said that I resembled my Great Aunt Margaret. I see my Mother in myself now that I am older.

Both of my children have their Father's long beautiful eyelashes. My daughter has the height and round facial features of her Father's family, while my son has the tall slim features of my family.  

6. January 8th is National Bubble Bath Day...will you be celebrating?

No, while I love taking a long hot bath, I do not do bubble baths.

7. Some of the 'world's best winter festivals' are - Mardi Gras (New Orleans),Quebec Winter Festival (Canada), Sundance Film Festival (Park City, Utah), Rio Carnivale (Brazil), Sapporo Snow Festival (Japan), VeniceCarnival (Italy) and the Harbin Ice Festival (Northern China). Of those listed (and if cost were not a factor) which would you most like to attend and why?

I think my choice would be the Venice Carnival. 
I have never traveled outside of the United States and think that Italy would be a beautiful place to visit. 

8. Insert your own random thought here.

Back to reality this week. We had a wonderful time in Florida. My step son's soccer team won all of their games in the tournament but then lost the championship game. We watched the sun set over the bay in Tampa, and after the tournament we headed to Melbourne Beach. (about 20 miles south of Cocoa Beach) The weather was a bit cloudy the days we were there, but it was warm and very relaxing. I woke early to watch the sun rise over the ocean each morning we were there. 

The last leg of our journey was spent at Disney World. We stayed in the Downtown Disney area and visited the parks two days. The parks were still decorated for Christmas and were truly a sight to see. The Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights inside Hollywood Studios is Amazing!! 

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  1. I love Cocoa and Melbourne, FL...spent a great deal of time there as a child. If you are ever in the area again...and you love seafood....eat at Dixie Crossroads in Titusville. It is amazing. Be sure to have the rock shrimp. Simply amazing.

  2. Stopping by from the Hodgepodge blog hop! Before I even read it, I thought that your guests may have liked the burnt marshmallows because they were like campfire marshmallows. lol I like mine burnt too! Until my sister in law married into the family 4 years ago, it was TRADITIONAL (and not intentionally) that we burned the breadsticks EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR. She's changed that tradition-and I thought of her as well because she is the one who makes the sweet potatoes and marshmallows for our family get togethers at holidays, and they're always delicious!
    Have a wonderful day! Hope it's easy for you to get back into the swing of things after your vacay-we went to Florida last year-what a lovely state!

  3. Our cruise starts from Tampa so we are looking forward to visiting. D H is looking into the Aquarium as well as the Manatee.

  4. My whole family has been saying we need to make a Disney trip. Trying to coordinate schedules is difficult, but maybe we can make it happen this year. We haven't been in many years.

  5. We lived in Orlando the first two years we were married so there were many trips to Disney World...Christmas was a beautiful time to go, but boy, was it crowded! Melbourne was our favorite beach.

  6. Are your husbands 'projects' the one that you are referring to as 'half' completed? ;-D

  7. I look forward to your posts!


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