Friday, May 11, 2007


This has been a strange week for me. My normal routine has been disrupted, because of inventory. I normally don't work nights, but because I am the Jewelry supervisor, they think I need to be the one with the inventory team while they are counting the jewelry. Thank goodness it's only once a year. This working 'til midnight and being up again early the next morning sucks. One of my bosses said," Well you have the next day off, what's the big deal?".
Kids don't just magicially get up and to school on their own. Especially Lindsey. She has never been a morning person and sometimes it is a real chore to get her moving in the morning. Plus I take her to school every morning, so even on my days off I have to be up, dressed and out.

It seems this week that everyone has been asking for advice. It actually has been kind of wierd. Working in retail you commonly have people that will ask you for your opinion with choosing which color shirt they need or which style looks better on them, is this size too big or small, do I need the belt or purse with it, which shoes........ If my bathroom is pink will these gray towels look good in there? My daughter has blonde hair, will this yellow blouse look okay on her? This type of thing I'm used to. But this week I've had people coming to me for life advice.
Questions like......Should I have this surgery that the Doctors want me to have, should I stay in this relationship, what do you do when a relationship is over, should I take the new job I've been offered or stay here, should I let my boyfriend move in............
I like that people feel they can come to me, and I'm honored that they want to hear my opinion. I just feel like my own life is one question after another, that I have plenty of problems making my own decisions. I'm sure in no position to help make decisions for anyone else. But I listen and try to give my support as much as I can.
The whole week has made me think about choices......... We make choices everyday, and each one we make has consequences. The route we choose makes a difference. We have no way of knowing beforehand how something we do will effect things. The only thing we can do is try to make informed and smart decisions.

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