Thursday, May 03, 2007

Sometimes Things Do Go Right

I went to Cingular, after receiving the outragous bill, to change my cell phone plan. I now have a plan that will cover all the calls and texting that everyone seems to think they have to do. While I was there, the lady that was helping me suggested that I call in and plead my case about my bill being so high. She said that since I am a long time customer and that I have recently changed my plan to suit our changing needs, that they would maybe make an adjustment to my bill. So I called.
The lady I spoke to said that some of the Mexico charges did seem to be a bit too high and that because I had made changes to my plan that she would relay this to her manager and that I should receive a call from him in 2 days telling me how much of an adjustment they would be able to make to my bill.
I got the call yesterday.........I can't believe it, but my bill went from $728.00 to $332.00.
I was so glad. I had really been sweating how I was going to pay that bill. I guess ALL my luck is not bad afterall.
So it does pay to question things.
Just thought that I would share this with everyone.
Have a good Thursday..............

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