Saturday, August 04, 2007

Hilton Head Island

Hilton Head Island is such a beautiful place. With all it's sea pines and of course beaches. I was impressed with the fact that there are no tall signs or billboards everywhere, just the natural beauty of the island. The businesses are hidden from the main road with lines of trees. There is a sign for each one, but it is displayed very neatly and is not distracting or taking away from the natural beauty of the area. I read in one of the books that I bought while there, that the developers had that very thing in mind. Their idea of, " No Building Taller Than The Tallest Tree"; "Paint In Natural Earth Tone Colors"; "Make The Oceanfront Available To As Many As Possible, While Disturbing As Few As possible" shows all around.

The Lighthouse and Harbor Town was the lure for me, but the beauty of the place is so inviting.
When we decided to visit Hilton Head, I had to call my Aunt and Uncle, who just happen to live there. While we only planned to visit for a day, they opened their home to us with the greatest hospitality, that we stayed for four nights. We had such a good time staying with them. They showed us around alot of places that we otherwise would not have seen. We had a really nice time with them.

We visited:

Sea Pines,

These stick displays are really neat.
What a great idea for Halloween also.

The Inn At Palmetto Bluff, where we tried to find Oprah or John Travolta, to no avail.

This is a exhibit from sculptor Patrick Dougherty. He uses saplings to create his sculptures. This one was created during his month long stay at the Palmetto Inn. It is titled "Home Sweet Home" and will be on display until Dec.

Harbor Town and many of the shops there,

South Beach,

The Church Of The Cross, listed on the National Register Of Historic Places. Built in 1857 and sitting on the bluff overlooking the May River, the church has rose colored glass from England gracing the windows and soft pink plaster inside to enhance the light.

We attended a street fair, ate at some of the local places (The Gobble And Squat), had alot of ice cream,
Encountered an alligator at Lake Joe,

We hung out in the pool and did alot of catching up.

We had a wonderful time. Thanks to Sandy and Jerry we were able to see more of the area than we would have on our own. I can understand why they ended up there, it really is beautiful.


  1. Yes, it is so beautiful and why I WOULD LIKE TO end up there! But I can't get Bill on board and with a new grandbaby coming, well maybe not!
    But I LOVE IT THERE! Glad you got to see it all, And enjoy it!

    Love ya,


  2. It is very very beautiful there, I enjoyed all your pics jeanette and so glad you and barry are working things out. HOpe things continue to get better


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