Monday, August 20, 2007


We started our day in Savannah with a ride on The Old Town Trolley. It was great, we could ride along and hear the history behind the places and things that we were seeing. Plus, we could get on and off at our leisure.

The river front is very nice. We liked watching the boats going down the river. There are lots of shops and places to eat. I highly reccomend the candy shop. We watched them making some of the candy and got to taste it too. We had to try the fudge also, it was SOOOOOOO GOOD!!!
We saw "The Waving Girl" statue.

There are some of the most beautiful churches in Savannah that I have ever seen. This one is the Cathedral Of St. John The Baptist. It is so big and very beautiful.
Here is the Independant Presbyterian Church. This is the church that you see the feather floating by in the opening scene of Forrest Gump.
Here is The Mickve Isreal Temple.

The many squares in Savannah are so pretty. I really liked the fountain in Forsyth Park. All of the parks are rich with history and are such a tranquil setting with the spanish moss in the trees, it makes such a beautiful scene.

The architecture of the buildings and houses is just so very beautiful. The pictures above are a couple of my favorites. The house with the greenery on the steps was just so inviting and so well kept.
The other house was such a bright pink that I just had to get a picture of it. We went by it on the trolley and I told Barry that I wanted to get a pic of it, so we got off at the next stop. I had to walk 5 blocks back to get the picture. It was just so colorful. I guess partly because it was next to a yellow house. It made the pink stand out, I guess. These are just outside the historical section.
Anyway, Savannah is a very beautiful place. It is a photographers paradise. Everywhere you look is a great place to take a picture.

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