Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Life Is Good.....

I know everyone has been wondering when I am going to blog again. Well....here I am.
Sharing once again the events of my life, the soap opera that it may be. Thank goodness it has become a more normal life.

Anyway, I had a rather interesting weekend. Hartsul had a soccer tournament in Murfreesboro, Tenn. this weekend. Lindsey had already made plans to attend a friends Birthday/Halloween sleep over party, so I knew she was going to be taken care of and safe. This friend has a party every year and Lindsey really enjoys going because after the party they go to the Old Richarsville Bridge. It is an old one lane bridge the creaks and screaks as you drive across. The kids love driving across it after dark. People in the area tell stories of it being haunted. So Halloween is the perfect time to visit the bridge. The kids all walk across it trying to scare each other.
Since I knew that she was okay, Michael and I headed to Murfreesboro. We spent the weekend watching the games and spending some time together. It was really nice. Hartsul's team played really well. They actually beat one of the top teams. (Brentwood) They made it to the championship game and won second place in the tournament. Hartsul scored his third hat trick in the game against Brentwood.
Hartsul's grand parents live in Nashville, so they too attended the games. I have been around them at different times and they have been courtrous and polite, but still I have felt like an outsider.
Saturday, after the first game, we were invited to go to lunch with them. I was surprised that the invitation was given. Michael pulled me aside and told me that if I did not want to go that we would not, but we decided to go. It was nice. I was very much a part of the conversation, I was treated well and it was a pleasant lunch.
Before the summer, I would not have felt comfortable enough with myself to go to lunch with them, or Ingrid, for that matter. For me to have the confidence with myself to sit down for a meal and conversation with Michael's ex-wife and ex-in-laws, is truely a feat for me. It was a good experience.
I guess the events of the summer, painful and stressful as they were, have helped me to find the peace and confidence within myself to live my life and to be happy in my own skin. Life is good.............

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  1. Living in your own skin is ALWAYS good! Glad to hear you have some
    peace! Love ya,



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