Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Having A Lazy Day

Not much going on here. Lindsey spent the night at a friends house and Michael has gone to his office. The house is soooooooo quiet. I love it, no t.v., no music, no door bell sound from a cell phone receiving a text message, just peace and quiet. I enjoy the silence at times. It is my day off today and a much needed one. I have worked 6 days straight. It has been so very busy at work for the past few weeks. We are into that holiday mode. The store is getting to be very busy during the weekends and we are very tasky during the week. So many things to do...........
October starts the holiday season with the setting of Halloween/Christmas items. Then as Halloween nears, we have to make sure that all the Halloween items are on the sales floor. The week of Halloween, we begin moving as much of it to one area as possible. Not focusing on the displaying of the merchandise so much, but just getting the product out for our guest to see and buy before Halloween.

The day after....... the markdowns begin. We have people at the door, waiting to get in to purchase Halloween items at 50% off their original price. Teachers are some of our best customers at this time. By November the 5th the items go to 75% and as the stuff sells we set Christmas merchandise in its place.
The first week of November we begin setting everything Christmas. All the signing and decorations go up. The store is filled with Christmas items. Every area of the store has Christmas items. The store gets a "Christmas theme". This year it has to do with doors. If you notice, the commercials on t.v. lately are talking about doors. Our contest this year is decorating the doors. We are divided into teams and have a door to decorate. We can win prizes and such.
This will be my 10th Christmas working retail. At least being this busy makes the day go by quickly.
Anyway, I'm glad to be off today and I plan on having a lazy day.
It's cold outside and I don't have anyplace that I have to be, so I will do a little cleaning and some laundry and just relax.........

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