Monday, January 14, 2008

Hours With Photo Shop

I think my daughter could spend hours and
hours playing around with Photo Shop.

Granted it is pretty neat, with all the ways you can change a picture.

She really likes taking pictures anyway, and then to be able to change them, is right up her alley.

She acually is pretty good at photography. She has taken some rather neat pictures. Mainly of herself......... Her Myspace picture has to be changed at least once a week........LOL

Here are some recent pictures that she has taken.

The sky was really pretty one night as the football game was about to start.

Hartsul took these next ones with Lindsey's phone and then Lindsey put them on the computer and touched them up with Photo Shop.

I love the way the trees reflect in the pond.

Lindsey and her friends love going to mall, to shop a little and to take pictures.

Even at school they are taking pictures.

These are some random pictures that Lindsey has Photo Shoped.

In some of her pictures, I think she has gotten rather creative, using props and such.
They are different, anyway.


  1. Cool Pics. I Love PhotoShop. Anytime I have spare time I sit at the computer and learn something new to do with photoshop.

  2. Lindsey is so beautiful and photogenic(hope that's spelled right if not Micheal can correct my spelling, ha ha)!

    Love ya,



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