Saturday, January 26, 2008

Winter Blues

I am so ready for warmer weather.............

I don't mean to complain, but IT'S COLD!!!!
It has been so cold at work that I have been wearing layers. I'm near the front of the store where the door is opening and closing all day long. I'm not sure if it is just the weather or that some of the medication that I am taking makes me more sensitive to the cold. I believe that I have read somewhere that one of the side effects to hypertension medications can be sensitivity to the cold.
I'm not the fondest of winter time anyway. Seems that a number of my family members, myself included, suffer from this SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) thing. This winter has been better for me than past winters, probably due to my little friend Zoloft. Of course, having a more stable life in general has to play a major role also.
Anyway, I'm ready for not having to wear a coat everyday, not having to scrape frost or ice, not having to warm up the car every morning, not feeling like it's always dark, and mostly being able to get out and walk without freezing my butt off. Which I really need to do because I need to loose this weight I seem to have put on in past few months.
Could be worse I suppose.
I could live in one of these places that I read about:

Top 5 Coldest Places in the United States

Here are the spots in the U.S. that have recorded the lowest temperatures.
1. Prospect Creek, Alaska -80°
2. Rogers Pass, Montana -70°
3. Peters Sink, Utah -69°
4. Moran, Wyoming -63°
5. Maybell, Colorado -61°

Brrrrrrrrrr............ That's Cold.
Stay Warm All and Have a Happy Sunday.


  1. Jeannette, We are on the same page. I used to love winter. Hate it now - hate the cold - hate the dark. My new friend is Lexapro. Lets all move to Hawaii where is't sunny and 70 year round. Woo Hoo. One thing I have Noticed - The days are getting longer !!

  2. Amen to all that. I have tried to have a better attitude about winter, like it's still one of God's seasons, but I give up, it is and ALWAYS will be something I endure!!! Right now ALOT of Carbs are my best friend, for now anyway. I really think mine is strictly SAD b/c once I'm in the light, WARM light, I'm all better!
    January stinks!!! February is only the hope of March and April, ha ha.
    Hang in there, we're almost on the backside of winter!!!


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