Thursday, January 10, 2008

Time For A Change

It's odd how just the mere changing of hair styles can make such a difference in one's appearance. Like most women, I have had my share of different hair styles.

As you can see from this picture taken around 1981 or so, my hair has been really short.

For several years, my hair was about shoulder length and permed. Not just permed, but curly permed. I'll spare you the pics of that phase.

Finally, I stopped the perms and let my hair grow.

In this picture taken while vacationing in Florida in 2002, you can see that it had begun to grow.

And grow, and grow..............

By 2004 it had gotten rather long.

The color has changed a bit also. The natural gray, has been hidden with hues of brown, black and chestnut.
I haven't gotten brave enough to go blonde yet. I don't think I would like making that drastic of a change.

That brings us to the present and the latest change.
Last Saturday, I got 7 inches cut off. My bangs are now straight.

I really like it. It is so much easier to care for. The thing I can't get used to, is that I no longer have to curl my bangs every morning. It is going to take me a while to get adjusted to that. I feel like I haven't done my hair if I don't curl it.
I do use a flat iron on it, but that is very different from a curling iron.

The people that I work with say that my new hair style makes me look younger. I like that........Alot.

Not much else going on around here.
Have a Good Friday.


  1. Hey Jeannette - I like the new do!!! I particularly like the straight bangs !!! Looks great.

  2. Oh my gosh, I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR HAIR!! You are so in style! The
    shorter but still long enough to be cute is adorable!!!!! It is tooo cute! Did I mention how cute it looks! ha ha. Love ya,



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