Saturday, July 23, 2011

Bridges and Shadows

My pictures this week are some that I took while out and about in our community.

The first one is from the River Walk. This bridge used to be a one lane, wooden floor automobile bridge, but a few years ago they closed it off after building the new road and bridge. It was then spruced up, and re-opened as a walking bridge. They built the rock walls and poured sidewalks making it into the River Walk that it is now. A very popular place for taking pictures, especially during Prom Season. Teens and their parents gather here for photos.

The second photo is the bridge closer to my house. It too is a one lane bridge. Local photographers use this area for photo sessions quite often. It is a less traveled road that circles back to the main road.
Local legend has it that this bridge is haunted. They say that you can stop your car in the middle of the bridge, shut off the motor and your car will roll to the other side. They also say that if you listen carefully at night you can hear ghostly sounds.
It has been a fun place to take the kids and their friends through their years growing up here. My daughter has loved going across this bridge, especially when she was a bit younger. Every time we would get close to the road leading to it she would start asking if we could drive across the bridge. Being the good Mom that I am, I usually would oblige.

She and her friends like to walk across it too. She isn't afraid of any old legendary ghost. (She is the one on the right here)

Sometimes you can hear strange sounds, but I think it is merely the old bridge creaking as you drive across, but who am I to debunk any ghostly legend. Anyway, it makes for interesting conversation, a few laughs and a few shadow pictures.

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  1. what a beautiful place! I love bridges and this looks like such a nice place to walk. really lovely!

  2. Excellent....glad I'm not there tho, I DO have a BRIDGE phobia. LOL


    Have a happy Sunday.

  3. Lovely shadow shots. I just love bridges and this one is very pretty.

  4. Beautiful bridges, especially the second one. For me, there is something romantic about a one lane bridge. Don't ask me why, because I don't know!

  5. Bridges and their trestles make wonderful shadow shots. These are quite lovely.

  6. As pedestrian bridges, the iron construction is simple yet elegant. Since they don't have to carry cars, they are all safe. The rock walls add style as well as protection - the best of both worlds, haunted or not...

  7. The place is beautiful but you made my hair stands. lol Thanks anyway for the SSS visit yesterday.


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