Sunday, July 03, 2011

Eye Opening Week

This week I learned just how much we really notice the details of our everyday surroundings.

It was a beautifully sunny day. I was walking back from the post office, camera in hand just in case I come upon a shadow opt, when I noticed this big cross attached to the building a few doors down from our office. (Our office is the white building on the corner) I suppose it was the shadow on the cross that caught my eye. I know that the building is a church, but I had never noticed the cross before.

How on earth did I not notice this? I can't believe that I walk this street every day, even park in front of the church sometimes, yet I have never noticed the HUGE cross.

I asked my husband if he knew that the church a few doors down had a hugh cross out front. He said not that he has seen. He said it must be new.

So I did a little researching and found some street view pictures of the entire block from about a year ago. To my and my husband's suprise, there was the cross. We were amazed.

I guess sometimes you really can't see the forest for the trees.

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  1. I do think you always notice more when you have a camera in your hand! I'm always looking out for shadows.

  2. it is a rather neat looking cross, too. It is very subtle.

  3. Quite an inspirational shadow for Sunday. Well done.

    Holiday Weekend Shadows is my link. Do stop by if you have some time today. I'd love to have you visit with me. Hope your day is treating you well!!!!

  4. We so become used to our daily lives, we seem to be preoccupied with the here, now and ordinary. Occasionally, something jumps at us, and in subtle ways that look beyond our envelope/ Like with you, when we get out of our usual zone, new and different enters. Nicely captured!

    Happy July 4!

  5. Ha. I have thought the same things about my surroundings too.

  6. Well chosen angle for these photos.


  7. Amazing what you do see when you really open your eyes and look! I've especially gotten conscious of shadows. I see them everywhere! (and rarely have my camera!)

  8. Such fine ShadowShots! Happy SSS to you.

  9. this is a wonderful "notice". it's amazing isn't it just what we see when we look for it. fine shadows too! have a wonderful week.

  10. I love crosses and am collecting them, photos and otherwise. This one is nice and I agree with Leanne.


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