Sunday, July 10, 2011

Window Shadows

I woke up the other morning and the sun was shining brightly. The door in our living room has a blind on it and the sun's light was leaving shadows of the glass panes on the blind.
I decided I would raise the blind and allow the sunlight to illuminate the living room.

Once I raised the blind the shadows were then cast upon the floor. I snapped a couple of shots of the shadows that the sun was casting on the floor. My little dog, Peanut, was intriged by the shadows.

Peanut decided that he needed to investigate.
I kept trying to get him to come to the other side of the room, but I guess he wanted to be in my picture.

I hope you enjoy the pictures and that you head over to Hey Harriet to see what interesting Shadow Shots others have posted this week.


  1. great shots! I like the geometry of the shadow :)

  2. There is a certain 'drama' to all your sunlight photos! Well done.

    My Sunday Link: Shadow of Old Glory

    Hope your weekend is treating you well!!

  3. Nice! Love the "light" from all photos. A different feeling with each one.

  4. I love the name you have for your dog! Glad he got in the picture:) My cat does that too when I'm trying to get a photo.

  5. Love your shadows, your hardwood flower, and especially love your little dog, Peanut!!

    Thanks and blessings!

  6. Awww, the pup is a cute addition to your shadow shot!

  7. The very early morning shadows are outstanding, the blazing sun giving us a brilliant wake up. With the birds chirping, the day begins and we are ready! This early on a winter day would be dark and not appealing - with shadows like this today, let the action commence!

  8. great shadow shots! I love the morning sunlight through the window too but in my current place, i seldom have that sunrays visit through the window.

    thank you for the visit and the comment. very much appreciated. come by again next week. ^^

  9. Peanut is so cute, he is welcome in the shadowy shots! Have a great week and thanks for visiting The Gardening Life.

  10. You captured it perfectly. Thanks for the information about the guinea fowl. now i know the name. Thanks again.

  11. Hi
    I can see why you'd like to photograph these shadows.
    The first photo of a shadow has an almost Japanese look to it.

    Lovely work !

  12. lovely photos, so sweet to see Peanut investigating the shadows!


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