Saturday, August 06, 2011

Beautiful Savannah Churches

Well it sure has been a busy week here. Seems that the phone has rung non stop, which is a good thing, but solving peoples problems can sure wear you out. I have welcomed having some down time today.
Anyway, while looking through some photos for my Shadow Shot Sunday Post, I happened upon some that I took a few years ago of the beautiful churches in Savannah. I hope you enjoy.

I think my favorite was The Cathedral of St. John The Baptist.
It is such a beautiful church inside and out, with its wonderfully detailed stained glass windows. 

The sun was shining so brightly through the windows, it was hard to get a picture.

As I got closer the details of the windows seemed to just jump right out at you. 

When I zoomed in on the individual windows, the surroundings got darker, but it made the stained glass show up even better.

Every direction I turned there was beautiful windows.

The wood work was just as detailed, but didn't show up very well in my photos.

Another one of my favorites was The Independent Presbyterian Church. This church is the one seen in the movie Forest Gump. (the scene when the feather is floating down)


The St. John's Episcopal Church was a very pretty church also. I was using a smaller camera then and couldn't get a picture of the entire church. But, I did mamage to capture some lovely tree shadows on the side of the building.  

My last group of pictures are of The Temple Mickve Isreal. The synagogue has a museum that displays objects and documents relating to Jewish life in early Savannah. 

Savannah is such a beautiful place with so many wonderful things to see and do. So many streets with Spanish Moss hanging from the trees, (which make wonderful shadows by the way), so many Big Beautiful houses, cobblestone streets, restaurants galore, art museums, tons of historical sites, and Tybee Island Beach nearby. A picture taking tourists can find so many things to photograph. I know I sure did!!
To see more shadow shots head on over to Hey Harriet and see what wonderful shadows others from around the world have posted this week. 


  1. Beautiful Churches! You did a great job with the pictures too!

  2. I really want to visit Savannah one day. Your churches look beautiful against the deep blue sky.

  3. Savannah is a beautiful place, but the last time I was there they were having a record breaking "heat wave". It was hard just to "put one foot in front of the other" and walk through the streets. Your churches are beautiful!! Churches are some of the most amazing and lovely structures in the world. Thank you for sharing these with us. Have a nice Sunday. Mickie :)

  4. the Cathedral of St. John The Baptist is my favorite too, although the architecture of any of these churches is beautiful. what a nice collection you have here! have a blessed Sunday :)

  5. I really love stained glass and these are beautiful shots! Someday I'd like to visit Savannah.

  6. Savannah is on my list of places to one day visit. your photos confirm that desire. I especially like the first cathedral, it's so beautiful. great shadows too. thanks for sharing. and happy SSS to you!

  7. Beautiful. We lived in Fayetteville NC for a year. Wanted to get down to Savannah for a few days, but did not have the time. One of these days, I want to drive up, or down, the entire east coast.

  8. The interior shots, with all that darkness pierced by light from the stained glass windows, are fabulous!


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  9. Oh these churches ARE beautiful~

    Thanks for stopping by, commenting, and inviting me to your site - I'm so glad I came.

    I'm following you & hope to see you back @ my place again.

    <a href=">In Him We Live & Move & Have Our Being</a>

  10. I so loved this post!! Each and every architectural detail, and the stain of my favorite subjects to view...they're so incredible, aren't they?

    HIDDEN SAND DOLLAR ...Happy Monday.

  11. Just beautiful!! I always like the shadows that lay hiding in nooks and crannies.Wonderful ShadowShots. Have a great week.
    Cassie (using my dog's blog today!)


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