Saturday, April 07, 2012

Mail Run Shadows

My walks to the Post Office have become more frequent over the past few weeks, due to the cutting back of hours of postal employees in our little town. Our mail is now processed in Nashville, Tennessee, which is about 50 miles away. 

Mail in the mail boxes scattered around the downtown area (one just across the street from our office and the one pictured here in front of the Justice Center) are now being picked up at 3:45 instead of 5:00 as they had been for years. This has been a huge inconvenience for us as well as the other attorneys downtown. We have many mailings that are certified deliveries and MUST be post marked on that day. 

So now these either have to be ready for mailing and in the mail box by 3 pm or walked to the Post Office. (this is the view walking back from the Post Office - our office is the white building on the left at the corner).

Before this change I only took heavy mailings or Express mailings to the Post Office. 
At least now I am getting a little more walking in and have more opportunities to find shadows. Here are a few I found this week.

This is one of the office buildings across the street from the Post Office. 

I liked the way the balconies projected lattice like shadows on the wall of the building.

Another one of the buildings had shadows of trees on the wall as well as the posts.

My shadow being cast along the sidewalk and the wall around one of the buildings.

Along with shadows, I had to share the shots I took of some of the greenery around one of the buildings after a recent rain.

I love capturing raindrops on flowers and greenery.


  1. I'm sorry you have to make more trips, but it certainly benefits us! ;) I love the shadows from the balcony, too. Great patterns!

  2. Love seeing the raindrops. Great to see your shadow! :)

  3. I like the shadows, tones and contrasts in your lovely photos. Yes, it is sad, the post office hours are affecting everyone, especially those left without jobs, or less of an income.

  4. Keep taking your camera on all those walks! Looks as if you have many opportunities to take great shadow shots! Especially love the lattice shadows cast by the balconies!

  5. Great shots - I also love photographing raindrops. I loved your shadow - you appear quite tall! I have seen several of these just this week...guess it is the week for shadow selfies! THey are such fun!

  6. I really like the balcony shadow ... it makes an interesting pattern !

  7. Mmmmm, the raindrops on the foliage looks heavenly!!! Send some of that moisture our way will'ya?!!!

    As for your daily walk to the Post Office...wish I could say the same here. We are miles away from the nearest. Besides, it's getting way too hot [good excuse, and I'm stickin' by it! LOL] Lovely building shadows!!! I find shadows so fascinating.

    And before I leave, I want to wish you and yours a very peaceful, loving and blessed holiday weekend.

  8. Though it may be a bit inconvenient, you are getting some great photographic opportunities.

    just spent four months in India and, now, I'm stopping over for five days in Hong Kong. Head home to San Francisco tomorrow.

    My Shadow Shot is at:

  9. Raindrops are always a great subject for photos! Beautiful shots.

    Your beautiful contribution to Shadow Shot Sunday 2 is greatly appreciated!
    One of my shadow posts


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