Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My Give A Dam's Busted

Performed By:  Jo Dee Messina
Written By:  Joe Diffie, Tom Shapiro & Tony Martin
Album: Delicious Surprise (2005)

Well, you filled up my head with so many lies.
You twisted my heart till somethin' snapped inside.
I'd like to give it one more try,
But my give-a-damn's busted.

(Honeymoon Suite - Nashville 2008)

You can crawl back home,
Say you were wrong;
Stand out in the yard and cry all night long.
Well, go ahead and water the lawn:
My give-a-damn's busted.

(Back Yard After Leap Day Storms 2012)

I really wanna care.
 I wanna feel somethin'.
Let me dig a little deeper:.
No, sorry: nothin'.

(Tybee Island Lighthouse Museum 2007)

You can say you've got issues, you can say you're a victim.
 It's all your parents fault, I mean after all you didn't pick 'em.
Maybe somebody else has got time to listen:
My give-a-damn's busted. 

(My Sister-In-Law and My Mother 1986)

Well, your therapist says it was all a mistake:

(Clown From My Son's 8th Birthday Party 1993)

A product of the Prozac an' your co-dependent ways.
So who's your enabler these days?
My give-a-damn's busted.

(Hubby's Empty Bottles)

I really wanna care.
I wanna feel somethin'.
Let me dig a little deeper:.
No, still nothin'.

(My Daughter - 2012)

It's a desperate situation, no tellin' what you'll do.
 If I don't forgive you, you say your life is through.
C'mon, gimme somethin' I can use:
My give-a-damn's busted.

(Me - Disney World 2007)

Well, I really wanna care.
I wanna feel somethin'.
Let me dig a little deeper:

(My Daughter - Louisville Water Front 2011)

No, man... sorry.

(My Daughter - Louisville Water Front 2011)

Just nothin', No!.
You've really done it this time, ha, ha.
My give-a-damn's busted.

(Me In My Car)

Well I guess you can tell from my song choice, that this has been a tough week. I have to say that the mere act of putting this post together has been quite therapeutic. Hopefully next week will be Much Better!!
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  1. I think it was meant for I hope you feel better soon! Got my synthroid going, and I am better after 3 doses.....still got a ways to go though...... <3

  2. Sherry the Cookie PrincessWednesday, April 11, 2012

    I tell ya, this has been more like my 2012 theme song! lol I have to say, even though I hate that you're having such a bad week, I don't feel sooooo alone now! :)
    It's got to get better. That's what they keep telling me anyway....sometimes I think they're all liars though!
    Hang in there my friend....I'm thinking the rest of April is gonna suck for me....DAD's 5 yr angel date is Friday April 13th, of course he went to heaven on Fri the 13th.....he would have been 70 on April 28th.
    Mom was diagnosed with cancer on April 30th, 2008. Sounds like I just need to remove April from my calendar all together!
    Don't have a glass of "cheer" to raise to a better week but I do have a glass of good old southern house wine-sweet iced tea/lemon. So my friend, as I raise my glas up, here's to us both having a better time....soon!!! xoxoxo

  3. as a teacher myself, I suggest you be active and see the teacher as often as the need arise.otherwise it is very sad for your daugthers.

  4. I was a "busy body" mum and saw the teacher if I thought they were not right. It paid off.

  5. I loved the photos you used for the song - sorry you had a bad week, but here's hoping things will change! Check out my entry over at Thursday Theme Song...maybe you will smile.

  6. Heck, if you want my was therapeutic for us ALL who visit. This my dear fellow Theme-r is one we all can relate to...some time or other. But, to be honest, this is a song I've not heard it was a special song----------and the photos, of course, are always perfection with the lyrics. for the part I've been wanting to type all along....I LOVE this expression...and hopefully I can remember it====My Give-a-damn's Busted!!! Gotta love it. You made my day.

    1. PS...yep, I'm still here...had to listen to the song/lyrics one more time. I just love it.

  7. Oh I love Joe Dee and have missed hearing her on the radio.
    I too find TTS therapeutic and relaxing not to mention I look for songs from my youth which are fun.

    Glad the week is nearly over for you and may next week bloom a fresh!
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  8. Well, this is new to me but your post sure made me laugh. I can see why putting it together was therapeutic! Good work.

  9. Well, sounds like you've had one heck of a week - hoping the coming one has brighter things in store for you. Thanks for visiting my blog; keep looking up!


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