Saturday, April 14, 2012

Second Saturday Street Fair

On the second Saturday of each month, from April to October, our downtown area has a Street Fair.
Vendors from surrounding counties set up booths and display their wares in Fountain Square Park.  

I loved the name on the tie-dyed items tent!

The Amish baskets are fine works of art.

This tiger was quite popular, for $2 you could stand beside it and have your picture made. The blow ups are always popular with the kids too.

I thought some of the stained glass items were very pretty. The lady with the balloons on her head was promoting her husband's balloon business.  

Some kids used the sidewalk for a game of marbles.

There was several tents with jewelry for sale. This particular vendor also had shopping baskets for sale.

At this table you could paint plaster animals. The little girl was sure enjoying her painting, she was talking a mile a minute as she painted. 

At one end of the park there is a tent set up for the entertainers. This is on the bands playing today. They were playing old rock and folk songs.

If you needed yard furniture, it was there too. Across the street from the park is a apartment building for the elderly. A few of them love to bake and on warm days they set up their table and sale their baked goods. Several time I have bought their goodies. They take turns manning the table. When I arrived there was a woman selling the items, but as I was leaving she had been replaced by this gentleman.

As I was going to my car, I saw the rod iron fence was leaving its
shadow on the sidewalk. Being a shadow seeker, I had to walk over and take a picture. 
It was a wonderful day for the Street Fair, not too hot, not too cold. It was a bit windy, but still a very nice day. 
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  1. Street fairs are fun to explore.
    Happy Sunday from sunny Helsinki!

  2. These fairs are a mecca for spending some long wandering time! Always fascinating! And love the pattern of your sidewalk shadows!

  3. Looks like a fun time! I haven't been to a street fair in so long - the last one I went to I nearly froze to death - November in the mountains is not a good time for one! Love the shadow shots!

  4. Street fairs are great places to find shadows--as you did!

    “More Dead Than Alive”

  5. Dang....when I first started reading about the HUGE tiger, and read $2...I was hoping it was for a raffle...I was gonna me 10 raffles and I'll pay the shipping and handling if my # wins. Dang.

    This looks like fun. Wish our city did stuff like this.

  6. Looks like a great place for festive fun!

  7. I do love street fairs and this looks like a great one! How fun! Marvelous shadow shots, too! I love the wrought iron fence! Have a good week!


  8. Wow, this looks so fun and I'm amazed it happens once a month!

  9. oh so cool!!! looks like great fun!!

    you were correct on the red fern story. i goggled fern quotes and that book came up about ann and old dan. must have been a part of the book...maybe about where the legend came from. anyway i might have to try and find the book!!! have a great week ahead!!!

  10. Love this! I never knew we had this! Thanks for sharing, I'll check it out next month!

  11. I like any street air, and now that we are in the warmer time of the year, they start happening. Although my favorite local ones in Connecticut (Derby Day and Ansonia Harvest Festival) are only 1x per year (yours at 7x a year is better :>). Your homertown is lovely, and those baskets look so nice!

  12. Beautiful street fair, it's ways fun to attend to this kind of events.

    Shadow Delight is one of my entries. Have a great week ahead!

  13. good shot of the shadows! looks like a fun day.


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