Sunday, March 04, 2007


It seems that everyone is visiting the dentist lately.

Lindsey and I have both visited and will be visiting a few more times to get all the work that needs to be done completed.
I hate going to the dentist. I have never had good teeth and they can always find one that needs filling or crowned. This time was no exception. I lost a filling and knew that I have needed to visit the dentist for awhile, so I finally did. Of course the filling I lost couldn't just be, it was infected. So I had to go on an antibiotic for a week and let it heal so that they could do a root canal and then crown this tooth. I had never had the pleasure of a root canal before. Believe me I NEVER will again. I have NEVER in my life had a tooth hurt so much. I felt my heart beating in my mouth for several days. I was on the verge of calling the dentist and saying, "Just Pull It". He gave me some pain pills to take, but it is hard to take those things and work. So I would take tylenol every four hours untill I got home from work, then take the pain pills and sleep. Finally after almost a week, it stopped hurting. I got my permanant crown in and it was time to move on to the other problem teeth.
They started with a cleaning, which I hate, but it does make your teeth feel better....cleaner....etc. This, of course, does lead to the finding of all the other problems. Like the what they say will be a small filling, until they start to fill it. Then, it turns out to be a small cavity under an old filling, which means, that the old filling has to come out. Making the small filling into a rather big one. Which , of course needs to be crowned. This was the story of not one, but two of my teeth. Both on the left side of my mouth. One on the top and the other on the bottom. The one on the top was a real pain. It was the very back tooth and is not exactly straight. So it wasn't the easiest tooth to get to. The dentist kept saying I'm sorry that we are stretching your mouth so much. Add in the fact they are trying to put what seems like twenty things in your mouth at the same time and they have you practially standing on your head in the chair. Plus you have been injected with so much novacaine that you can't feel your nose or mouth for hours, and when they are finished, they ask you " How does that feel?" Like you can tell at that point. Of course when the medication wears off you can answer that question......IT HURTS!!!!!!!! Duhhhhhh, you have given me 5 or 6 shots, had my mouth pryed open as far as you could for 2 hours, hit me in the mouth with instruments and had not only your hands, but your assistants hands in my mouth at the same time. How do you think it feels?
I am so looking forward to my next visit. They can start on the right side of my mouth......Joy, Joy.
I guess I could just have all my teeth pulled and get false ones. It probably would be cheaper. Oh well..........


  1. Oh my jeanette, i couldve written your post. It is awful going to the dentist. Im glad Im not the only one who is hating going. Aunt carol has had to go with bill, he had a bad tooth problem too. Moms stepsons both had to be knocked out today to have their teeth pulled. Its awful and its so expensive. I go back to the dentist Thursday for them to finish the torture. Not only is it expensive, UGH you pay for the torture. Good luck to you, Ill think of you while IM in misery knowing im not alone.
    You can come here and we can be side by side patients!!

  2. Has the Tooth Fairy frowned upon us all!!! I also had a filling gone bad back in Feb where I was crying on the phone to my dentist for relief!!! It was just suppose to be a filling!! Then Bill started, now I hear ALL of US!! Is there a Patron Saint for TEETH!!
    I think some dentist should give us all discounts for false teeth!!!

    Love ya,



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