Sunday, March 18, 2007

Gallbladder Sludge

Art Work By: Secret Agent Josephine

Have you ever heard of gallbladder sludge? Well, I had not until this week.

I have been having some digestion problems for quite some time, but really had not been too concerned due to the fact that for about 15 years I have had IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome).

So when I was having eposides of nausea and indigestion, I was just concluding that it was due to the IBS. Usually I can watch my diet, try to eat healthy avoiding the high fat foods and dairy products, and only have a few episodes of misery. But in the last few months it has become a almost constant problem. I first thought that I was just overeating or eating the wrong foods too often. Like the icecream that I know is going to cause me problems. I started paying attention to what I was eating and tried to stay away from the things that I know cause problems, but still I was having indigestion and such. So I began the ritual of following my meals with tums or rolaids. Then came the pain........ I started having this gnawing pain in my upper abdomen. This went on for a few days and then it began to hurt into my upper back, between my shoulder blades. Sometimes it can get pretty intense.
I decided it was time to visit the doctor. So I did just that this past Tues. He said that we needed to do some test. Upper GI and an abdominal ultrasound. Which was performed on Thurs. I got the results on Friday. Dr. says I have "Gallbladder Sludge" and that my gallbladder needs to come out. I see the surgeron this coming Tues. ( 20th)
Three weeks before our vacation to Disney World and I need surgery................Just my luck.
I'll keep you posted.


  1. Wow, I just read this which means you have had your surgery already, I'm really behind. Mary Lee had that surgery. I hope you are now into the re-cuperation period. Darn, rotten luck. I hope you start feeling better soon!
    Is the trip definitely out. How was Adam's trip? Get well soon!
    Love ya,


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