Saturday, May 24, 2008

Formal Night

Lindsey's 8th grade Formal was last night
and I thought I would share with my readers
some of the pictures that I took of her.

This was taken in our front yard.

This one was taken at home, in our dining room.

This picture was taken on the Old Richardsville Bridge. Is is an old one lane wooden bridge that all the kids in the area have been told for years is haunted.

These were taken at the River Walk off of
Louisville Road (31-W).

River Walk Park is small, but very pretty.

Always have to make time for a phone call.

Here she is at the school posing with a couple of her friends before the dance.

I can't believe how grown up she has gotten.
My baby girl is now a highschooler.......I feel so old.


  1. how beautiful! She looks older than 8th grade, but of course I bet she LOVES to hear that. Only when she gets older will she HATE to hear that. See ya next week! Love ya,


  2. Just looked at all your wedding pictures You both look so happy as does all your family I loved all the pictures and hope to see some of the places you went too Good luck to both of you


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