Sunday, May 04, 2008

Still Making Plans

Wedding plans are on track and coming right along.

We are beginning to receive responses to our invitations.

The kids and I have begun to put the favor boxes together.

We have the guys suits and matching shirts. (Boy, was finding matchng shirts a challenge)

I've decided which dresses the girls will be wearing.
This decision was finally made because I found a NEW dress for myself.
I have looked and looked and looked for a dress that I liked and that looked good on me, for quite some time. The only thing I had been able to find was suits. I bought two of them and like them, but really wanted something a little different. Well a few days ago I was doing some shopping and I found THE DRESS. I LOVE IT. It is a beige sleeveless dress with sequins at the top. Dressy, but not formal. It is JUST RIGHT.

We have the vows and the ceremony all planed out.

I'm still working on the something old,something new, something borrowed, something blue.

I still have to meet with Teri from Federal Grove, but she wants to wait untill about two weeks before so that things will be fresh in her mind. They have other weddings and we sure don't want her to get things mixed up...LOL....

I'm toying with ideals for what to do with my hair.

I'll probably give the musicians a call this week and discuss the songs that they will be playing.

So many details.........But I love watching it all come together.

That is my update for now. I hope that you guys are making your plans to attend. I know we sure will be happy and honored to have you there.

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