Friday, May 30, 2008

Wedding Day

The Wedding Bells will soon be ringing.

I think I have played the ceremony
over in my head a thousand times,
I keep thinking have I forgotten anything.

I guess it is time to take a deep breath
and just let it all fall into
I wish someone would tell my stomach that.
I suppose every bride is this way the day before their wedding.
Epecially when the weather man has put that "R" word into his forcast, only a slight chance, but still a chance.
It's not going to rain, it's not going to rain, it's not going to rain.........come on say it with me. Fingers crossed and all.

My next blog will be as Mrs. Bratcher. ; )


  1. The definition of marriage is where “Happily Ever After Happens Every Single Day” it also is Disney's motto. Hey if the shoe fits.........

  2. It will go just fine. And if it doesn't, Setta, Setta!
    (I'll have to tell you the story later) :)

    I'll probably forget and call you the wrong last name forever.

    You know Michael still calls me Lindsey...... :)

  3. By this time you are Mrs Bratcher, Congratulations to you and Michael!
    Sorry I couldn't come, but wish you all the best. Have a great Honeymoon and rest-o-your life!




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