Friday, April 03, 2009

The Resuls Are In....

The Dr. that removed Lindsey's mole called Wednesday to give us the lab results. He said that everything was fine, it was not a melanoma, but what they call a Blue Nevi. He said to talk with our regular Dr. about further details.
So of course, I can't wait until Friday when our regular Dr. is to remove the stitches. I have to do my own research. Below is a summary of the information that I found.

Normal moles come in variety of colors, red, brown (in light and dark shades), black and the so-called blue nevi. Blue nevi begin as a normal mole with blue-black color. These moles appear as a result of the collection of melanocytes, (atypical cells located in the bottom layer of the skin’s epidermis). The dark blue color pigment usually runs deeper into the layers of the skin than the brown colored moles, and that is the reason for the blue color. Any change in blue nevi should be referred to the dermatologist for monitoring and testing. This blue mole, or lesion, is not a form of cancer, but it can take on the form of a tumor that can grow if not taken care of. Therefore, they are most often removed due to the potential for them to grow and their disfiguring appearance.

Blue nevi are more common in females than in the male population of any age.

Blue nevi can also become cancerous when triggered by over exposure to UV rays. Like any other colored mole, these moles should be kept from being exposed to the sun’s rays.

There is no method of preventing the production of blue nevi. This is a condition that develops on its own, no matter what one's habits are.

We visited our Family Physican today, he removed the stitches and confirmed everything that I read.

I am so very glad that it is nothing to worry about. I also want to thank everyone for their concern and their prayers for my baby girl. (she hates when I call her that)

Have a good weekend.....try to stay warm since it seems we are never going to have warm weather.


  1. Excellent news! Glad it all worked out.

  2. Thank God!! Great news! Keep out
    of the sun too much Lindsey, just in case there are any other moles like that. Of course I know keeping a teen out of the sun..... well, anyway, glad it all turned out.!!




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