Sunday, April 26, 2009

Warm And Sunny

The weather this weekend has finally been warm and sunny. On Saturday we went downtown to the office. Michael had some things that he wanted to work on for awhile, so Lindsey and I left him there while we ran a few errands and drove around a bit. I had my camera with us, so we took a few pictures.

This is the water tower on what used to be called Hospital Hill (when the Hospital was there), now it is called Reservoir Hill. The tower can be seen from a number of locations around Bowling Green and has been painted with the Flag Theme for as long as I can remember.

Here we have Fountain Square Park. It is really a great place for taking pictures. Prom nights for the local schools usually start with taking pictures here. I love that the park is so close to the office, it is a nice place to take a walk on a warm day and in the summer they have the "Concerts In The Park" every Wednesday too.

This is our Justice Center, a place I'm becoming quite familiar with. It is at the end of the block from the office. Makes it convenient when we have to go over there for Court or for filings.

These next few pictures were taken at the River Walk. It is another great place for taking pictures. I like the water in the background.

I sneaked a shot of Lindsey soaking up the warm sunshine, which left her shadow on the ground.

I like the big map of Bowling Green in the walkway just before the bridge. I tried to get all of it in the picture, but you couldn't read it. It's really neat, it shows the location of all the little communities in Bowling Green. Bowling Green is the big star and Richardsville,(where we live), is at the top of the picture, just inside the square.

I had to get a shot of our new Bowling Green Baseball Park, home of the "Hot Rods".
Adam attended a game Friday night and had a great time.

Lindsey and I had a good time just getting outside in the warm sun and enjoying the views of Bowling Green. I took several more pictures and I'll try to post them in the next few days.

Have a good week everyone!!

This is also my post for Manic Monday, so be sure to go over to "It's A Blog Eat Blog World" and check out everyone's posts. The word this week is WARM.


  1. What a wonderful tour! Hope you have a gr8 day.

  2. Love the tour! Thanks and wish you a great week...

  3. Thanks for sharing. Wonderful. Happy Manic Monday :)

  4. Nice pics Jeannette. Didn't realize so much about BG. Looks like they have some really nice places.


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