Saturday, August 21, 2010

After The Rain

It has been a rainy week, with some heavy showers of rain at times. I think I have had to be out and about everytime Mother Nature has decided to give us a downpour. I had several errands to take care of early in the week, and I got rained on. I took my daughter shopping one evening and got rained on. Went to the bank today, and once again, got rained on. But, each day I was able to get some nice pictures after the rain.

My first picture is one that I took on my walk back from the Court House. There was a puddle at the back of our building that was reflecting the grass and rocks that are at the foundation of the building as well as the bricks of the building itself.

This next shot was from our shopping trip. I was waiting outside the dressing room while Lindsey was trying on clothes and I noticed the light above the dressing room and how the chain on the light was casting a shadow in two different directions. Of course, I had to take a picture to post for this week's shadow shot.

As we were leaving the mall we noticed how beautiful the clouds were. The sun was beginning to set as the sky was beginning to clear. It made quite a pleasant view for the drive

This morning after my trip to the bank, the rain had stopped and the sun was beginning to shine. As I was taking the dog out, I noticed the raindrops still on the grass. So I came inside and retrieved my camera to get a few shots.

I tried to get a close up shot of one of the raindrops, but my camera just didn't want to focus on it.

Peanut did not like that I was outside without him. He wanted to be outside too. He kept moving the blind on the door to see what I was doing.

I thought he looked so cute peeking out at me.

I hope you enjoy the pictures. And, if you would like to see more shadow shots, then head on over to Hey Harriet and check out what others from around the world have posted.


  1. Jeanette that dog is the cutest i have ever seen!! What type is it? The cloud pic is beautiful!!

  2. I had such a giggle over Peanut ! Too cute for words .. and I am saying that being a total cat person : )
    I love your sky picture !! I am a sky fanatic too and I usually get the sunrises with clouds .. in fact one of my intended hobbies for the winter is to fill another blog over at Typeword or Typepress ? .. memory fails me .. but to have a sky blog on its own.
    Great and funny pictures !
    Joy : )


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