Sunday, August 15, 2010

This Week In Shadows

On my way to the office this week I passed by this shadow and, of course, had to bring out the camera and snap a picture. I think the little fence is neat in itself, and that it makes a nice shadow too.

I have to admit that I do enjoy looking for shadows and reflections when I am out and about.

I was heading back to the office after having lunch, when I noticed this reflection in the van parked next to me. I loved the way that I could see the beautiful blue sky and white fluffy clouds not only in the window of the van, but also in the side mirror. So once again, I reached for my camera.

I hope you enjoy the pictures and if you would like to see more beautiful Shadow Shots from around this big beautiful world, head on over to Hey Harriet and check out this weeks pictures from others.


  1. Hi Jeanette,
    Loved your capture of the iron fence shadow, it looks so solid!

  2. really love the refections in the neat and also like the fence shadows..hope you have a great Sunday

  3. Beautiful wrought iron fence shadows. I also liked the car window shot. I took one very much like it but without the bonus of the rear view mirror reflection. Doubly nice!

  4. I love the spiky shadows of the fence. Have a great week!

  5. Great shadow shots. I especially love the first one.

    Have a great week.

  6. I really enjoyed the walk in the woods too, it's always a breath of fresh shadows too, even though they're on the way to work!

  7. I agree, it is fun to catch shadows.
    wishing you a lovely week.


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