Sunday, August 15, 2010

Our Search For The Keebler Elves

Today Michael, Lindsey and I decided we were going in search of the Keebler Elves. So off we went, along with our dog, Peanut to find them.
We began our search by driving to Shanty Hollow Lake, we had heard a rumor that they were operating their newest factory out of a tree there. We were hoping to find it along with Ernie and his gang of cookie baking elves.

I took along my camera to document our search. The first picture is of the lake from the parking lot at Shanty Hollow.

The next shot is the beginning of the trail that leads into the woods.

We followed the trail and enjoyed the beautiful scenery of the woods as we went along. We had heard that there was a waterfall somewhere along the trail, so we were hoping to see it too.

Along the way we passed several large rocks, or groups of large rocks. This one in particular was interesting. It had sections that looks like it was a piece of rotting wood, instead of rock. (As you can see in the next picture.)

As we were walking along, we happened upon a group of butterflies. They didn't want to move off of the path. They just flaped their wings and sat there. Until Peanut got a little too close, then they decided it was time to fly off.

A bit further down the trail we found ourselves walking along side a swampy area. It was actually kind of pretty with all the shades of green in the water and surrounding the edges.

This must be a popular spot to visit, this tree sure seems to have had a few visitors.

We thought that Peanut must have gotton a wiff of cookies baking. He decided he wanted to lead the way. He was definately enjoying the smells and critters in the woods. He was very interested in the little frogs and lizards he encountered along the trail.

Then finally, we found it!! The Keebler Tree. We knocked and called out for Ernie, but got no response.

We were disappointed, but decided to go a bit further down the trail in search of the waterfall. We had no luck with that either. So we headed back.

Once we got back to the parking lot, we walked down to the boat ramp and walked along the path at the edge of the lake. We saw several nice fishing spots and I took a few pictures of the lake.

We had a nice walk and enjoyed the view.

Maybe next time those elves will be there.

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  1. Funny!!! At the first of this post I thought it said "Michael Lindsey and I". I thought, what is Michael doing down here.


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