Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Day at The Orchard

A few miles from our house is Jackson's Orchard. It is a wonderful place to visit and purchase locally grown plants, flowers, fruits and veggies.

The fall season is probably their busiest time of year with Pumpkin Fest. It has become a tradition with our family to visit during Pumpkin Fest.

Here is the whole gang watching Allison play in the Tire Yard.

Lindsey and Shelby posed for pictures on one of the tractor tires while Allison sat on one of the smaller ones. The kids enjoy climbing around on the tires.

Allison had fun climbing around in the Hay Maze too. Although she wasn't quite sure about jumping from one bale to the other like most of the kids were doing.
                             I couldn't resist snapping a shot of the fence shadow.

The girls were taking pictures with their phones and I noticed their shadows on the ground so I took their picture. But then they began playing with the shadows. I liked the little heart they made. Pretty neat!!

One of the most popular things to do, is to take a ride down the Cider Slider. Allison decided she could slide all by herself this year.

Lindsey, Shelby and Cassidy had a sliding race. Looks like Lindsey was the winner.

Allison gave the Hamster Wheel a try. I think she was tired by the time she went down the track and then back.

The girls went back for another ride down the slide, this time altogether.


Allison decided to try a new color of hair.  Pink IS a nice color!

Then Hayley painted a wooden pumpkin, which looks really nice hanging on the front door now, and Allison painted a dinosaur, pink of course. 

There are several fall decorated photo spots throughout the orchard. I had to get a picture of the girls in several of them.

Timmy decided he would join in on one of them.
We didn't ride the wagon to the pumpkin patch. Instead the girls decided to pick small pumpkins and gourds from the bins.

We had a wonderful time at the orchard. Before leaving, we visited the concession building to get some fried apple pies and an apple cider slushie. They are soooo good!! Then it was on to the main barn to purchase apples and some of the canned goods, raspberry pretzel dip for me!

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  1. Beautiful shots. All together so nice.

  2. What a day, happy, happy life!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful Fall/family time! Nice shots of everyone having fun!

  4. What a fun day! Great shadows, too!

  5. The subjects of the shadows are beautiful, and so happy to be together - as well as being at the festival. The warmer days of autumn are coming to a close, at least in CT where the crisp cool air is now in place. It is nice to have as much of your family around to do such wonderful things together while you all still can. Ours are 22 and 20 and with jobs and college, the four of us cannot do the same thing together these days. As long as you are a family together, keep doing the fun family thins.

    The heart shadow is adorable!

  6. It looks like you all had a fun day! Thanks for sharing. :)

  7. Loved all your shots! Made me want to join you all!! Happy SSS.

  8. What a fun and beautiful day...filled with light and shadow!

  9. How fun!!! And the photo that just made me smile widely was the one of [well, two...I'll get to the 2nd one in a bit...] -the 4th one posted. What a darling gal, and that smile. She's gonna have guys knockin' down the door in no time. Then, now....the 2nd one that made me giggle, was the one with the tiny, tiny pumpkin. Sweet!!!

  10. That looks like so much fun! You really got some great pics. Love that shadow shot with the heart. Wonderful ;)


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