Wednesday, October 26, 2011



This is a Halloween Song that I found on You Tube that was posted by KIBOOMU.

Halloween, Halloween

Creepy, crawly Halloween

Trick or Treat all in fun,
October 31st has come

Halloween, Halloween
Spooky, kooky Halloween
Kids in costumes, what a sight
On Halloween tonight

Big black cats
Vampire bats

Ghosts and goblins out tonight
Causing quite a fright

Halloween, Halloween

Painted faces, what a scene
Door to door
They trick or treat
For something sweet to eat

Halloween, Halloween
Celebrating Halloween

Jack-o'-lanterns all aglow
So the ancient stories go

Halloween, Halloween

Celtics started Halloween
They celebrated harvest time
With gifts of food and wine

 (Must be a Family Thing with the glasses - My Aunts and My daughter)

Candles glow
Spirits go
Bringing luck and fortune too
This is what they knew

Halloween, Halloween
Now they call it Halloween

Skulls and bones
Create the scene

Very scary Halloween

Halloween, Halloween
Let's have fun on Halloween

Witches fly
And children scream

Tonight on Halloween

Witches fly
And children scream
Tonight on Halloween!

I had a ton of fun putting this together. I love going through old pictures and being able to share them with others. Most of these are of my kids on Halloween. Batgirl is my neice. The silly glasses ladies are my Aunts. The man as a woman is a local DJ, (Scooter Davis), Zombies are borrowed from my brother, (Louisville's Zombie Walk 8:29 on 8/29/11) and the last one is of me and a co-worker at a sewing factory in 1992, (I am Hulk Hogan). Can you believe we actually worked like this all day.
I hope you enjoyed my trip down memory lane set to song. And, that you take a moment to leave me a comment. Linking up with Hootin' Anni's Theme Song Thursday. Hop on over and join in on the fun!!


  1. What a wonderful post and song. Your pictures from Halloweens past and present are excellent.
    I can certainly see why you had fun lots of memories.
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  2. Oh my've left me speechless!! FANGtastic.

    I will add that the song I've not heard, it was truly a treasure. And your photos?=========outstanding!!!

  3. What a lot of work. I'm so glad you enjoyed putting this together, because I enjoyed looking at the photos. Your aunts are a riot. I remember my eldest niece saying of me, years ago, "Oh, don't mind her, that's just Auntie Kay being silly."
    Good work!

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel

  4. Oh what fun, I love this post. Your photos from past Halloweens are great, it had to be fun going through and bringing back the memories. I love the shot of you as Hulk Hogan!

    That is a really cute song. I have never heard it but I'm going to add it to my You tube favorites.


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