Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Feels Like A Monday

My days are all mixed up, I guess because the kids were out of school yesterday. It has felt like Monday to me all day.
Maybe I am just out of sync because, yet again I have a sinus infection.
Like always, it starts as allergies and goes into an infection. Hopefully my antibiotic will kick in soon.

At least I have been able to stay home and rest today. Michael has been out of town all day in depositions so it has given me the day off......I was truly glad too. Peanut and I have watched the Presidential Inauguration and festivities. My main job today has been to hold the couch down. I've done a very good job too.....

I'd also like to thank all who posted comments on my Shadow Shot Sunday picture.
I hope you will check in often and post your comments.

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