Wednesday, January 28, 2009

We Have Ice AND Snow

Well the weather man said it was coming and this time he got it right.
We received about 3/4 inch of ice. The temperature went up a little and the precipitation changed over to rain. Then the temperature went down again, the rain that had fallen froze and the snow started. We got about 1/2 inch of snow today on top of all the ice.
I took this picture yesterday morning. These are power lines in our back yard.
Our power was out yesterday morning for about 4 hours. It has gone off a few other times, but comes back on after a few minutes. Our cell phones were out most of the day yesterday. We had no signal at all. Finally last night our signals returned. Lindsey was more concerned about not having the usage of her phone than she was about having electricity. She is a true teenager......
She has enjoyed being out of school, for sure.
Peanut was confussed by the ice. The tree limbs breaking and making noise as they fell was driving him nuts. He would bark and carry on. So finally we let him look out the window so he could see what was going on.
Michael and I prepared for the weather by bringing home things from the office that we could work on. So we have had the leisure of sleeping in, but still getting work completed. I like this working at home stuff. I can cook and do laundry and still get documents and letters typed and ready to go out in the mail. I can even do this in my pj's if I want. Heck, let it snow.........
Here are a few more pictures around our house.
This picture is of one of the trees in our back yard. As you can see power lines go right through it. I was so afraid that the limbs were going to take out the lines, but back in the fall, the electric company came out and trimed the tree limbs around all the power lines. I guess it helped.

This is the light on our back patio.

This is looking down the street, today alot of the limbs on these trees are in the road and the neighbors yard.

This tree is in our front yard. I took this picture yesterday. This morning, I think there is about as many limbs in the yard as there are on the tree.
I went to the mail box and was afraid to walk through the yard, as I normally do. Ice and limbs keep falling.
A couple of our neighbors have parked their cars in our driveway because of all the downed tree limbs.
Michael moved my car from the place I usually park it in, thank goodness, because there is a tree limb were my car usually sits.


  1. We get lots and lots of snow, but I've never been in an ice storm. I understand they are awful, I'm glad you weren't out on the roads!

  2. Jeannette - we got it too here in the Lou. I'm ready for it to go away. Stay Safe !!!


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