Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Ice Is Gone

For the past week we have had ice and snow. I have heard the sound of tree limbs falling to the ground for days. Alot of people have been without electricity and water. All the area schools have been closed. Several counties in our area still have people without electricity. The kids have enjoyed it, but I think we were all glad to see the sun shine today. The temperature went up and the ice began to melt. People were out cleaning up the tree limbs in their yards. And, there were alot of them to be cleaned up. Our whole community looks like a tornado has gone through it.

I was driving to the bank today, the sun was shining and I was glad to see the shadows on the ground. I'm sure all the electric company crews were glad to see the sun shining and the warmer temperatures too.

I couldn't resist taking a few pictures as I drove. I needed some pictures for my Shadow Shot Sunday post. If you would like to see some other shadow shots head over to Hey Harriet. (her link is in my side bar)

Girls really do love taking pictures. My daughter and her friends went outside yesterday to do just that. I have to admit, most of the time they get some good shots.

The weather man is saying we could get more snow on Monday. I think this time it is just going to be snow. Hopefully everyone will have their power back on before the next round of winter weather.


  1. Gosh, your weather sounds kind of crazy. I don't have snow where I am, so it's difficult to imagine. It's just hot, hot, hot, here! I really like your shadow shots. Especially the last one. It's a very fun shot :)

  2. Yeah! your weather seems ours too. I been feeling distress for long now. But, we can't stop what Mother Nature have in her mind.

    I know, the young ones can really take good shots. My duaghter got her first expensive camera last Dec. a Nikon D60 & she toke better than me. The last one is cool shot!

    Have a wonderful Sunday.

  3. I'm so glad you have power back, we had the same scenario last year, our trees look tornado ravaged, the bad thing is all the limbs that cracked don't all fall down. Then come summer when you start to get the summer storms, the wind blows the rest down...don't park under the trees, trust me on this one!

    More warm weather is on it's way too this week, were all excited, good for sales!


  4. Wow crazy snow ... I love the last pic of all the girls ..

  5. Hearing the sound of tree limbs falling is not a good thing. We're surrounded by pecan trees. And yes, girls really do like taking pictures! Fun shadow shots! :)

  6. The long empty road reminds me of my hometown.

    I've played at

  7. I read Kentucky did get hit bad..I hope everyone has their electric now..Wonderful shadow shots..Keep warm/safe..Happy SSS.

  8. A great collection of shadows! I do hope you have no more ice.

  9. Glad that you have power - ice storms are the worst!
    Super shadows....the sun was out ~ and that means the snow will be heading out....for a bit!
    Enjoy your week!


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