Sunday, January 25, 2009

A World Of Shadows

I must say, that since my post last Sunday, I have learned to look a bit more closely at my surrondings. Things that I see everyday have taken on a new look for me. I never realized just how much our world is filled with shadows. Having said that.....on to my Shadow Shot Sunday.

This picture was taken atop the lighthouse at Hunting Island State Park.
You can see the entrance to the lighthouse at the bottom of the picture.

Hunting Island State Park is a beautiful beach in South Carolina. It is a 5,000 acre park and has 5 miles of beach. It's a place where you can truly "find yourself again". The Park is located 16 miles from Beaufort and around 56 miles from Savannah.

Being the "Lighthouse Gal" that I am, I truly loved climbing to the top and enjoying the view.

If you like collecting shells, this is the place to visit. I've never seen so many shells on a beach in my life. I even found a sand dollar and the locals that I talked to said that it is very common to find them at low tide.

I hoped to see some of the loggerhead turtles that are also supposed to be common there, but I did not.

Anyway, this is my post for Shadow Shot Sunday......
I hope you enjoy it and I look forward to reading your comments.
Have a good week all.......


  1. What a beautiful shot..I think lighthouses are always a joy..We have many here in Maine..
    It is amazing how we look at things differently, since this Shadow Shot Sunday started..I do cheat, but they are use to me..Happy SSS..

  2. There's something quite magical about lighthouses. I've always been fascinated by them. Lovely shots!

  3. a little vertigo with the first shot. I would very much like to walk on a beach filled with shells.

  4. Easy to get hooked right...something as simple as a little shadow has turned us all into artists and opened our eyes to the simple things.

  5. Loved your pictures! I am a big lighthouse fan myself. I live in south Jersey, right between Cape May and Hereford Inlet lighthouses.

  6. I must have a dirty mind because I was thinking something very different on the shadow shot of the lighthouse!

  7. Light houses are alway fun to capture in pictures. I love the shadow shot very creative.
    Smiles B

  8. It looks like a beautiful place! Cool SS!!

  9. Wow..I have seen lighthouse only from a very far distance, and would love to be so near one. Cool shadow:D

  10. a giant of a shadow! lovely!!

  11. That's one super lighthouse shadow!

  12. What a cool shadow! I love lighthouses. There is something magical about them.


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