Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Search For Shadows

I walk to the Post Office at least once a week and sometimes I will have to deliver documents to other law offices or to the Court House. I took advantage of these walks this week to look for shadows. 
I saw this little tree's shadow near the Post Office.

People driving by look at me strangely as I am taking my pictures, but I don't mind.


Two doors down from our office is a barber shop. The sun was creating great shadows on the window.

City Hall is one of our neighbors, at the office, and the Eagle Statue atop the main entrance was a great shadow find, the windows too.  

As I returned to the office I noticed that someone had parked their bike outside the shop making nice shadows on the ground.

I am glad you stopped by, I hope you enjoyed the shadows and that you take the time to leave a comment or two. Be sure to follow the links, Shadow Shot Sunday 2, Straight Out of The Camera, and Best Posts of The week, and see the wonderful shots others around the world have found this week.


  1. Beautiful variety of shadows! Especially love the shadows in the eagle and window view!

  2. Your captures are lovely and filled with nice contrasts.

  3. Great shadow shots!
    I especially like the tree!
    Happy Shadow Shot Sunday!
    Lea's Menagerie

  4. Fab shadow shots, I particularly like the barber shop window and the bicycle, bon dimanche.

  5. Nice shadow shots, especially I like the last one.

    Regards and best wishes

  6. Hi there !
    You were so lucky to catch such a great series of shadow shots : )
    Well done girl !

  7. The tree shadow and the bicycle shadows are my choice. Speaking of ppl 'looking strangely', they have even asked me why and what do I do with these pics!

  8. You captured some great shadow photos this week.

  9. The bike tire 's shadow is gorgeous!

    Thank you for your contribution to Shadow Shot Sunday 2.

    Dried Roses Shadow, have a blessed Sunday.

  10. Terrific shadow shots for the day! I love the eagle statues wings and the bicycle is wonderful! Hope you've had a great weekend!


  11. I like the way the name of the barber shop is reflected in the window.

  12. WOW-- You had your Shadow Eye working big time!!!!

    Great shots!



  13. Lots of great shadow opportunities on your walk! The little tree appears to be clinging to quite a few of its leaves.

  14. Shadows make some great images! Great shots.

  15. You accomplished more than one deed on your walk. Took care of business and shared nice shadows along the way.

  16. These are great shadows! This not a city, its manageable size allows walking about - and capturing shadows. We can find them all locally, we merely have to look around on our daily travels...

  17. i especially like the eagles shadow...


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